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Burning Crusade Classic DPS Rankings PvE Tier List for the Phase One of TBCC

Our TBCC Class Writers have created a tier list of DPS Class in Karazhan, Magtheridon's Lair, and Gruul's Lair. All Content from the Phase 1 Raid in Burning Crusade Classic. If you are the type of person who would choose your classes based on its performance in the current raid, this goes over the best DPS specifications for the current raid level and the reasons why, as explained by our class Writers.

If you're a novice or returning player unsure what class to pick for your level 58 boost this list could aid you in deciding which class you should play in Burning Crusade Classic as well.

Disclaimers about This List of Tiers

This guide was created to provide a clear overview of the way each DPS Specialization and Class can do in the initial phase of Burning Crusade Classic. The Tier List was developed for players who would rather select their class based on its value in the DPS position, based upon the mechanics and boss fights that occur in Karazhan Magtheridon's Lair, as well as Gruul's Lair.

This Guide will classify DPS Class and specializations by in a format known as a Tier List which ranks them on a scale of the best (S Tier) to ineffective (F Tier) based on the criteria of utility, throughput and defensive worth in the Phase 1 raid content of Burning Crusade Classic.

These rankings were compiled in part by the Class Guide Writers They are experts in their respective specification, however, these rankings are still their opinion. You may disagree with some of their decisions, because each person values things slightly different.

Overall Rating: S

Overall Warlocks in Burning Crusade Classic bring some of the best damage available in the game, for single targets and multi-target or AoE, as well being a great utility. Warlocks bring curses, master healthstones, Ritual of Summoning, wipe prevention through the use that of the master Soulstone crowd control in the form of Fear and Banish.

Within the Burning Crusade, Warlocks get the Seed of Corruption which has a very high AoE cap, can be crit (which eliminates the cap) is 15 yards in blast range, and can be cast from an uninvolved distance, making it one of, if not the top AoE spell in the game.

Warlocks have an abundance of raiding specializations that are viable, each one shining in its own unique way.

Destruction Warlocks

Shadow Destruction is the ol' reliable specialization closest to what we've learned from WoW Classic It offers an excellent single-target DPS as as amazing AoE.

Do you have a mage buddy? Or a mage that decides to go fire? Incinerate is your new best friend. You can Fire Destruction, and thanks to the Improved Scorch debuff , you'll beat Shadow Bolt casting warlocks. In addition, you don't even require a Soul Shard to get your Demonic Sacrifice buff!

Demonology Warlocks

Another option would be to go the path of a demonologist--Felguard goes SMASH! Have you ever wanted to do some serious harm during your movement or during cc encounters? While you're running around or incapacitated your new best friend will be following the boss's grooving butt.

Your Felguard is able to take 50% less damage from Boss Area of Effect damage spells and places himself behind targets. This leads to more surviving and higher DPS due to bosses not being capable of parrying or blocking with their butts. Furthermore the pets have now been able to increase our stats. Demo shines on a lot of fights , such as Magtheridon and Gruul in phase 1 . In this phase you, as a player, are unable to deal damage, but your pet will continue to smash. You however need to keep your pet alive and If it does die you will suffer a massive reduction in your damage output until you get him back up.

Affliction Warlocks

Finally, Affliction is a utility bot. MOAR DOTS! Every single dot--in Burning Crusade the debuff cap moves up in increments of 16 to 40, Affliction Warlocks have the ability to use more of their damage-dealing buffs. Affliction's advantages include being equipped to "preload" damages by using dots, allowing them to have a lower DPS loss when they're incapacitated or moved.

Malediction as well as Shadow Embrace are another reason that an Affliction Warlock will be summoned. They increase the raid's overall DPS and also give the tank more room to gear offensively. Additionally, Blood Pact can be supplied to the tank.

Affliction is also lots of fun on multi-targets too, because you can fill all targets with your dots. It is important to keep track of which targets to refresh is an exciting challenge.

Hunters in TBCC have two specializations each of which is top tier in their own ways. The first of these is Beast Mastery, a chart-topping single-target DPS choice due to innovative abilities such as Steady Shot as well as Kill Command. The second specialty, Survival, brings arguably one of the best options for raids, in the shape that of Expose Weakness. Our only minor weakness is consistent AoE damage since we still only have Multi-Shot and Volley which do not compare to classes like Warlocks as well as Mages.

Damage output of Beast Mastery hunters will be near the top of the damage meters throughout Phase 1 thanks to a handful of new abilities and abilities. Steady Shot helps to fill in the time gap hunters had to endure in Classic. New abilities like Ferocious Inspiration, The Beast Within, and Serpent's Swiftness give us great boosts. Our pets now scale with an % of our stats. This makes taking advantage of the pets we have and keeping them alive top priority because they now account for roughly thirty percent of overall damage output. The next major contributor to damage from Beast Mastery damage is the Beast Lord Armor. This set's 4 piece bonus gives a 100% time of 600 Armor penetration which gives a significant DPS boost. Another reason behind why Beast Mastery damage output is at the top of the range is Melee weaving. With TBCC the dead zone is eliminated and the melee timer is distinct from our ranged swing timer. This means that we are able to change direction and move out of the way for a quick Raptor Strike.

While the Survival specialization has less damage output due to it not having the talents Ferocious Inspiration and The Beast Within and Serpent's Speed, Survival Hunters make up for it in top tier raiding utility by giving a boost to all physical damage dealers in the raid, with the ability to expose weakness. This ability should have an average uptime of 95%, making a Survival Hunter a valuable asset to all raid teams.

Hunters' damage output increases significantly with Burning Crusade Classic, and our defensive and utility remain important. We are now able to use the new skill Misdirection, which is a great asset to pulling targets to designated tanks and helping with an initial threat. Freezing Trap along with Frost Trap remain solid abilities for crowd control. Our famous aggro dump using Feign Death remains a great way to keep the threat in check but you can no longer Feign Death to withdraw from fights against bosses in order to trade trinkets.

Elemental Shaman start off extremely strong during Burning Crusade Classic, as they can get an enormous amount of Spell Hit and Spell Crit from their talents. This extra hit permits players to hit an Spell Hit cap in a short time and not have to go further to buy Spell Hit gear. They also have the new effect of Bloodlust/Heroism, which does not cause an effect of debuffing in Burning Crusade Classic and is the prime ability to stack in a min maxing raid.

They are the best support for casters groups, providing the equivalent to casters Strength of Earth Totem and Windfury Totem, Wrath of Air Totem and Totem of Wrath, which can both boost the damage dealt and decrease the Spell damage required by their group. They also come with a strong DPS timer in Elemental Mastery, which can be combined with Chain Lightning to create massive flashes of damage at the touch of a button.

They also bring a lot of other helpful tools in situations which include Tranquil Air Totem, Purge, Tremor Totem, Earthbind Totem and Grounding Totem, as well as poison and disease-removing totems that can automate the process during fights in which the debuffs are applied consistently to your team.

The main drawback of Elemental is the low scale with gear compared to the top DPS classes in Burning Crusade Classic. The cast time requirements on the most damaging spells restricts mobility, making Elemental vulnerable to interrupts and pushback spells.

However, spells, interruptions, and pushback are of little concern in PvE. In Phase 1 the equipment available is weak. The majority of the raiding progression is done in blues, which makes Elemental a powerhouse with few downsides.

For Burning Crusade Classic, Mages are among the most effective damage-dealers for any raid or group offering some of the top DPS in the game along with a unique and powerful functionality. When it comes to pure destruction, Mages fall behind only two of the strongest classes: Warlocks as well as Hunters. However, they are still competent enough to keep their place and compete even with their counterparts. This is the case throughout all Phases.

In the first phase, the best spec to use for Mages is Fire that provides the highest damage with the gear available. Later on, Arcane also becomes a possibility. In any case, a normal raiding group will always need at least one Mage , due to the high damage and usefulness.

The Mages can provide the most valuable utility options in the game, such as controlling mobs using Polymorph as well as Frost Nova, buffing Intelligence through Arcane Intellect, and supplying the raid with food conjured by the wizard and water. Food and water are now an all-in-one pack in TBC using the Conjure Refreshment Table! The expansion also gives Mages the ability to use a new and exciting trick in Spellsteal that is vital to the High King Maulgar fighting in Gruul's Lair.

Mage's damage is very powerful in single target and AoE combat. The damage output is strong all throughout a fight, however Mages excel in the "execute" phase in which a target has less than 20% health. That's because they use Molten Fury which increases damage by a whole 20 percent. If combined with other devices like Combustion or Icy Veins the intensity of the blast can become quite insane.

Mages also excel in AoE combat thanks to their extensive AoE toolbox. Multiple strong spells like Flamestrike and Arcane Explosion, Blizzard, Cone of Cold, and Blast Wave already exist and a powerful AoE spell called Dragon's Breath being introduced in The Burning Crusade. If you encounter a large group of enemies, Mage is one of the most effective classes to defeat them.

Furthermore, Mages also have strong weapons for survival. It is squishy by itself, however, it does come with some potent spells to help you stay alive, the most notable being Ice Block which makes a Mage immune to injury (and isn't limited to Frost!). The new spell Invisibility can be used to get out of sticky situations. Of course, there are also alternatives like Mana Shield, which is expensive , but still can help with survival.

In Burning Crusade Classic, the Enhancement Shaman receives a revamp. These modifications, as well as the value that shamans provide to the table, make this class an ideal choice in all raid comps. Enhancement gets some notable improvements: Dual Wield allows shamans to carry two weapons with one hand Stormstrike was altered to allow Dual Wield with the ability to strike using both weapons. Shamanistic Rage is our 41-point skill to offer needed mana regeneration.

Shaman is among the most desired classes (if not the most sought-after type) within Burning Crusade Classic, regardless of spec. Every Shaman has Totems ( Windfury Totem, Strength of Earth and Grace of Air and so on.) that can buff their party, and at level 70 , all shamans be granted Heroism/ Bloodlust which is a game-changing skill. Every raid will need a Shaman to provide totems and Bloodlust/Heroism to let their party reach its potential. Alongside this, Enhancement Shamans also provide Unleashed Rage to their party (which will likely be another physically powering DPS).

Shamans in Burning Crusade Clsasic just have an overall amazing spell book: Earth Shock is an interruption that occurs on a 6-second cooldown, Grounding Totem to prevent the casting of spells by enemies, Tremor Totem to dispel fear effects from your party members and Fire Elemental Totem and Earth Elemental Totem as an DPS cooldown and Defensive cooldown, respectively. The power that Shaman can provide to the raid is what makes the entire Shaman specs viable and puts Enhancement Shaman in the top rank.