Diablo II: Resurrected Complete Act 4 Guide

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The game's Act IV of Diablo 2 there are three different quests.

 The quests are usually unlockable through the main campaign, during the course of events or are given by certain NPCs. A Quest Log button pops up in the lower left side of the screen whenever the quest event occurs. The final quest in each stage must be completed in order to advance to the next act.

To make it to Act 4 in Diablo 2 Resurrected means proving yourself worthy enough to come face against Diablo himself. Act 3 has its own set of challenges, and getting to act 4 is not exactly a walk in the park. The following guide is going to guide you through how you make it to Act 4 in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

The Fallen Angel is the first mission that is part of Act IV. It involves looking for Izual at The Plains of Despair and killing Izual. Once you've completed Act III and restocking your supplies in town, head out of Pandemonium Fortress. Pandemonium Fortress into the Outer Steppes and search the edge of the map for steps leading that lead to The Plains of Despair.

Once you find the Stairs, enter the zone and look for Izual(Note - This zone has the potential of being filled with souls shooting light. It is recommended to be cautious while exploring). Izual is a cold aura enchantment and is quite hard to hit. Once you've killed Izual then open a portal to the town and talk to Tyreal(1) for your reward.

Hell's forge is the second mission within Act IV. It requires searching for the River of Flame for the Hell Forge as well as destroying Mephisto's Soulstone. (Note that if you're playing with your friends, make sure they leave the game before the Soulstone is broken , or they'll not be able to get the rewards since this will complete the quest for them too.)

When you have completed quest 1, restock the town. Be sure to get Mephisto's Soulstone if you have put it in your collection. Once you have restocked and have the Soulstone you can return through your town's portal to the Plains of Despair. Once arriving in the Plains of Despair, search the map's edge for the staircase leading to the City Of The Damned.

When you've found the City of the Damned, search the area for steps down towards the River of Flame and the City of the Damned Waypoint (Note that the Waypoint along with Stairs are always next to each other). Stairs are always in close proximity to each other).

When you have found your waypoint and the Waypoint along with the Stairs to the River of Flame, enter The River of Flame and locate the Hellforge and the waypoint. The Hellforge is guarded by Hephasto The Armorer. Hephasto The Armorer must be killed to acquire the Hellforge Hammer necessary for breaking the Soulstone.

When he's dead and the hammer is obtained Then, take Mephisto's Soulstone into the forge and place it. (Note that, as stated earlier make sure any players leave the game before breaking the Soulstone so they can get the rewards in their own game.)

After placing the stone, equip the hammer and click the forge a few time to crack it. The souls will be released and gems . Additionally, a random rune will be released. Once you have completed this quest, make sure to search for the waypoint to move into the next quest. (Note - your friends may rejoin the game at this point)

"Terror's End Terror's End is the 3rd and Final quest that is part of Act IV. It requires entering the Chaos Sanctuary, Opening the five Seals, Killing Seal Guardians, and killing Diablo. Once you've completed quest 2, use the River of Flame waypoint to go back to town to replenish on items.

Once restocked Return to The River of Flame via the waypoint location. When you are back in the River of Flame, look for an angel named Hadriel that is near the waypoint . He is guarding the bridge to the Chaos Sanctuary. When you find Hadriel you can pass him and walk through the maze of bridges to the Chaos Sanctuary.

Once entering the Chaos Sanctuary, fight your way through the foes until you reach the huge Pentagram(P) within the central part of the room. Once you have reached this Pentagram(P) then create a town portal for simple return should you die. There are two seals in the west and one seal to the north and two seals in East of the Pentagram(P).

It doesn't matter which seal you remove first. In this guide, we're going to begin from beginning on the West side and move to the East side. Begin killing enemies to the west and west of your Pentagram(P) until you've cleared the area around the two Seals(1)(2).

If you're all set take the seals off and be prepared to fight to defeat the Grand Vizier Chaos(GV) together with his gang of thugs. Grand Vizier Chaos(GV) is Immune to fire and Extra Sturdy. After Grand Vizier of Chaos is killed you must fight up to the northern seal(3). Once you've cleared the seal(3) you can get it open and prepare to take on Lord de Seis(LS) as well as his gang of thugs.

Lord De Seis(LS) will spawn back down to that Pentagram(P). Lord De Seis(LS) has an unidentified aura. His followers will curse the person who is in it, so be cautious and make sure you are armed with enough potions. After killing Lord De Seis, Fight your way to the eastern seals(4)(5).

After you have cleared the area around the eastern two seals(4)(5) ensure that you have your full health and restocked potions from town. Once you are restocked, unlock the seals and get ready to fight your way against Infector of Souls(IS) and his gang of thugs.

The infector Souls(IS) together with the minions are typically extremely fast and can breathe fire. After defeating The Infector of Souls as well as his minions,, the Sanctuary will turn red and the screen shakes, and Diablo(P) will spawn within a short time in the middle of Pentagram(P).

Diablo(P) is a red lightning ability that is extremely dangerous and does lots of damage. be sure to run around him in circles whenever Diablo(P) casts it.

The other skills he has are an attack on the cone frontal, a full 360 degree fire explosion that goes across the entire room or a targeted slow and occasionally, he will make you a prisoner of bones, though it is rare. Be sure to set a brand new town portal far from the Pentagram(P) before you begin engaging.

After killing Diablo, Return to town and speak with Tyreal(1). After you talk to Tyreal(1) Tyreal(1), he will open an entrance to Horragath which takes you to Act V.

Tyrael informs you that there's a dark, tortured spirit that was held in this forsaken realm long ago. He was called Izual by the common people, and in ages past he was the most respected Lieutenant. Yet against Tyrael's wishes he was the leader of a disastrous assault at Hellforge, the fiery Hellforge itself.

Despite his strength and courage, Izual was captured by the Prime Evils and turned into a twisted mess by their unnatural power. They forced him to betray his own kind and release Heaven's most secure secrets. He became a corrupt reflection of his former self, an angel who was not trusted by Heaven nor Hell.

For his sins Izual's spirit was locked by the abominable creature taken by the Abyss. The spirit of his madness has been inside that savage husk for several years until now.

The time is now to take Mephisto's Soulstone! Take the stone and take it to the Hellforge. Put it on the forge and strike it vigorously using the Hammer. Only this way can you prevent Mephisto from appearing in the world again.

Tyrael explains that the time is now to hunt down and destroy Diablo himself. Beware, Diablo, the Lord of Terror should not be ignored. He was the only one to destroy the town of Tristam and ruined the last noble hero who tried against him. This time, you must take on him for the good of all. Only through the destruction of the Soulstone that he is carrying will his spirit be banished for ever. Good luck. Although this may be the darkest time, it could even be your most memorable moment.