GGG says it will fix Path of Exile Flame Wall infinite damage bug

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Path of Exile is a popular ARPG-MMO developed by Grinding Gear Games.

Path of Exile is a popular ARPG-MMO developed by Grinding Gear Games. The game has been available in free-to-play mode since 2013. Path of Exile is currently available to older generation consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), Windows OS devices, and even macOS devices.

Path of Exile provides a vast world with “medieval dark fantasy” background. Many players will prepare POE Currency to explore in this dark world. However, there is currently a bug that could break the game. The exploit causes the Path of Exile Fire Wall spell to deal infinite damage.

Flame Wall is a Path of Exile spell that, as the name suggests, deals damage to enemies by creating a wall of flames. The Wall of Fire spell will add “fire damage” to projectiles fired by players. However, a bug currently allows players to inflict “infinite damage” by exploiting the ability to increase fire damage to projectiles.

This affects the gaming experience for players, and the bug will be fixed soon. The developers revealed they were aware of the game-breaking issues. Also, a fix will come soon. They said they did not intend to weaken or strengthen any builds. This often includes not going to great lengths to actively fix bugs that benefit those builds. However, there are things that are so wildly game-breaking that they need an immediate fix, anyway. They will fix it asap. And if players are looking forward to Path of Exile: Sentinel, they can buy enough POE Currency on POECurrency. Come on!