MMOSO WotLK - How casual and friendly will WoW WotLK Classic become?

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Last year's WoW Classic was a much more casual and friendly reboot of the original than it was in 2005 and most of 2006. The main reason for this is of course the low difficulty of the dungeon and raid challenges. If you don't pay attention to the best logging or obvious speedrun logging, you can use most of the instantiation in the ID cycle without spending a lot of time. Only after Stage 6 and Naxxramas did the weekly preparations get harder.

Once again, thanks to Enhanced Metadata, multiple alts can easily be raised to level 60 without taking too much time. Even the most reluctant twink in our guild has multiple characters reaching the top level. And thanks to Zul'Gurub and company, you can equip them well in record time. Not at all casual - second only to Naxxramas - is the honor system in which time invested is the most important currency.

How casual is the TBC Classic?

In Outland, casual gamers can breathe a sigh of relief. World buffs don't work here, and due to consumable adjustments, players can only put in very limited bottles, elixir, etc. (allows for a bottle or a combination of battle and guard elixir, plus buff food, gun oil/knife sharpening stone/poison and special items like resistance potions).

But in the TBC era, if you wanted to see some instances from the inside early, you absolutely had to complete several complex coordination questlines and countless prestige requirements. These challenges await you, and on average, they're much clearer than those in WoW Classic. This sometimes costs more time and gold.

WotLK Classic brings more options

In principle, in the TBC era, there were only two raid raids for temporary target groups (Karazhan and Zul'Aman), but Wrath of the Lich King offers more options. First, because all raid challenges have 10 and 25 player variants. Second, because the developers also introduced additional difficulty levels or optional hardmodes during the expansion. Third, the victor of Wintergrasp can challenge up to four different world bosses in Archavon's Vault, all very simple.

Additionally, Northrend no longer has lengthy coordination quests, and you don't have to farm for resistance garments. Therefore, a 10-player team that wants to defeat all bosses on normal difficulty and without Hardmode should master the entire WotLK Classic raid content for all stages in a relatively short period of time.

In the dungeon area, the known options in TBC Classic are Normal and Hero, although for many casual players it would certainly be silly that the automatic dungeon browser introduced in patch 3.3 wouldn't appear. On the plus side, the balance in the WotLK 3.3.5 patch is very good. In other words, almost every spec can contribute well to temporary raids.

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Levels of Northrend

In the original Wrath of the Lich King, Warlock Nymh from the European server Drek'thar reached level 80 in just 27 hours. World number one! Players spend most of the level in a basement in Grizzly Hills, where the respawn rate of neutral enemies is so high that there is a constant supply of XP. He is healed by a buddy who doesn't belong to him to increase experience gain.

Compare this: In TBC Classic, the world's first run at level 70 took slightly longer, at 28 hours. If you level up the normal way in Northrend (i.e. via quests and some dungeon visits), you have to be prepared for pretty tough stuff - just like in Outland. After all, there should be several weeks of experience value buffs before the launch, so that all newcomers and protagonists can reach level 70 in time. Stupid: You'll have to keep using plugins like Questie for the time being since the improved quest tracking may only be submitted later.

There is so much to do!

Like TBC, WotLK has a lot more to offer than raid instances. Again there are various prestige factions, tons of daily quests and fancy luxuries like the Dalaran Ring or the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth, for which you'll probably need to farm a few thousand gold coins. MMOSO has Cheap WOTLK Gold for sale.

Alternatively, you can throw yourself back into the PvP arena or battleground, or take part in the Battle of Wintergrasp on a regular basis. In Arena, you can even benefit from Blizzard changing your team rating to an individual rating, so you can change teammates like your underwear. Also cool: TBC's badge system is being extended with badges from WotLK. You can equip your character with badges, classes, Archavon's rooms and numerous BoE epics (BoE = Binding when Equipped) with unprecedented ease in the Classic Zone.

WotLK Classic: Our Verdict

At the time, WotLK was clearly more casual and friendly than the original WoW and TBC. This should work for classic areas as well, even though Blizzard has removed the automatic dungeon finder, wants to make Naxxramas more difficult, and wants to submit improved quest tracking later (no problem, it's only in patch 3.3 provided in). Raids and dungeon endgames in particular will be as beginner-friendly as they were without tweaks, thanks to the new options. Equipping characters in WotLK is easier than ever. There are WOTLK Gold for Sale.

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