WOW WOTLK Classic: How to best play Frost Death Knight

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WOW WOTLK Classic: How to best play Frost Death Knight

In WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King, Frost Death Knight is the most damaging spec. To learn how to best play Frost Death Knight in level 80 PvE end-game content, players can visit or keep reading below. This guide will give players an idea of ​​how they can best contribute to team content such as dungeons and raids.

Frost Death Knight has two main talents. In the early stages, in order to increase the attack power of the blade armor and increase the critical strike chance of the dark belief, additional skill points were placed in the blood talent. In the later stages, additional skill points are placed into the evil talent. However, this conversion is usually done at a later stage when better equipment, especially weapons, is obtained.

The three best main glyphs of Frost Death Knight are Glyph of Frost Strike, Glyph of Obliteration, and Glyph of Disease. Each of these glyphs is very important to increase overall damage. Two minor glyphs that are almost always seen in Frost Death Knight are Glyph of Resurrection of the Dead, and Glyph of Plague. The former is used to make small improvements to inventory management, the latter is used to significantly increase the range of the plague.

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Generally speaking, if a piece of gear has more stats overall, it will be a better choice. For Frost Death Knight, hit rate is still an important stat above the special attack cap, and raising it to a higher threshold will also increase damage. Frost Death Knight should be in blood in single-target encounters for a flat 15% damage boost.


If the player applies the two diseases, Frost Fever and Blood Plague to all targets with Frost Touch and Plague Strike, and sustains them with Plague with Glyph of Disease throughout the fight, this will greatly increase the damage of Obliterate. Additionally, players can pursue even greater progress by purchasing WOTLK Classic Gold from More WOTLK Gold will give players a bigger advantage.